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Golden Cars Services is a specialized courier that aims at Same Day Delivery and Next Day Delivery.

In this phase we serve Attica and Thessaloniki and we are in the process of finding partners in key cities of Greece in order to expand our network and the immediacy of our services to as many of our fellow human beings or companies as possible.

If you have a business and want to become a customer credited to Golden Cars Services, just call us for relevant information at
211 7154450 . 231 6071544 or send a message to

Golden Cars has taken care of your immediate service. So you can give your order by entering our page, or by telephone at 211 7154450 . 231 6071544.

If your package is volumetrically larger than the actual weight, then the titration counts and it is calculated by multiplying the three dimensions and that comes out to 5,000. Example Υ30ΧΜ30ΧΠ30 = 27.000 / 5000 = 5,400 this is the weight based on which the package will be costed.

Proper Packaging
1. Use of a New 3F or 4F Carton.
2. Use Separators for more than one item to send.
3. Seal the Carton properly with special tape.
4. Correct Carton size per item to be shipped.
5. Remove any Labels from a Carton that is already Used.
6. Wrap the items inside the Carton with special protective material.
7. Fill the carton with Bubbles to protect the contents from vibration.
8. Even for Documents use Folders with Bubbles.
Packaging Errors
1. Do not use Damaged Cartons.
2. We do not ship in Gift Wrap.
3. The "Fragile" Label does not replace reliable packaging.
4. Not small items in large boxes or vice versa.
5. Except for the shipping label or the fragile label, no other on the Carton.
6. Do not overfill the Carton.
7. We do not pack hazardous materials or valuables.
8. The bags are not properly packaged.

Golden Cars Services has taken care through the page Shipping Search so that you and your customer can follow the whole shipping process and its individual stages.

Note that if an order arrives damaged to the recipient then a large percentage is responsible for the wrong packaging of the parcel and then any other factor. Golden Cars Services is not responsible for unsafe packaging, quality and type of product (defective product or different from what the customer has ordered). In both cases, you will need to claim compensation by CLICKING HERE.


In case you want us to collect money (cash on delivery) upon delivery, you must download the following form to fill in your bank account and send it to
DOWNLOAD THE FORM - Letter of Cash on Delivery to Customer - GOLDEN CARS SERVICES

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