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Golden Cars Services

Golden Cars Services is a leader in the courier industry by providing high quality services to its customers. It is a company that is characterized by consistency in its goals, by the trust it shows in its people, who constitute its most valuable asset, as well as the vision that governs its entire corporate philosophy.
Golden Cars Services offers standard courier services while its comparative advantage, which makes it a Leader in the industry, is its specialization in same-day deliveries within the Attica basin.
Golden Cars Services guarantees same-day priority itineraries within the basin with a specific delivery time and a refund clause. Timely, Reliably, Responsibly and Respectfully, we aim at the efficient service of the sender and the recipient and we change the speed in the services of Document and Package Sending.

Vision of all of us who started this effort, and those who implement it on a daily basis, is to stand out with the Specialization and Adaptability of our Services to your Needs.

Operating anthropocentrically with the sole purpose of satisfying the Sender and the Recipient we aim to soon become the Partner that every Business really needs in order to gaze upon tomorrow with Optimism and a solid Foundation of Business Eurythmy.

Our Mission is to monitor the flow of the market and its needs, which are ever-changing in time and space, and to always offer innovative and pioneering services

Most important, we focus on forming a line of communication and cooperation that works based on interactiveness and mutuality in order to satisfy every requirement in the new data created for couriers and the supply chain.

Golden Cars Services is the first thought for all of you that safety, consistency and speed in your shipment are your top priority.

Our People must be happy with us in order to be dedicated to our company's Vision and Mission.

Without them everything is just words and promises. It is therefore our great responsibility to inspire them and offer them the working environment that will allow them to be effective.

For Golden Cars Services, it is a daily endeavor to create conditions that make its executives happy.


In case you want us to collect money (cash on delivery) upon delivery, you must download the following form to fill in your bank account and send it to
DOWNLOAD THE FORM - Letter of Cash on Delivery to Customer - GOLDEN CARS SERVICES

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