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About Us

Golden Cars Services is a transport company, which undertakes your package for your e-shop at wholesale prices directly, quickly and responsibly, enabling you to create a relationship of trust with your customers.

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Golden Cars  Services

Our first priority, you. With our experience in the courier industry, we can promise you the high quality of our services.
We invest in young people, promote honesty and encourage our people to participate in the development processes of our company. As a single entity with a common vision, we move forward. The key to our success, after all, is to maintain a healthy and pleasant work environment.

Our Shipments

Golden Cars Services
Faster and economical solution

Same Day Deliveries From 1 to 5 hours

Next day deliveries 09:00-20:00

Delivery by appointment

Deliveries at Saturday

Same Day Deliveries Appointment Only

Next day deliveries 09:00-20:00

Delivery by appointment

Deliveries at Saturday

For out of zone contact us.

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Immediate shipment

Golden Cars Services gives you the advantage of becoming more competitive in serving your customers, building trusting relationships with your customers.


Fast and reliable carriers.


Pickup and delivery same day.


With responsibility and safe transportation.

Immediate Shipping

Your shipments are delivered in 1-3 business days.

Lower cost

The most competitive prices.

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In case you want us to collect money (cash on delivery) upon delivery, you must download the following form to fill in your bank account and send it to
DOWNLOAD THE FORM - Letter of Cash on Delivery to Customer - GOLDEN CARS SERVICES

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